Wireless Solar Siren


ES-SVG-50x50-GENERAL -Wireless

The ES-S8A is an outdoor siren powered by a free and unlimited energy: the sun. Thanks to its solar panels, the ES-S8A does not need to be plugged: it is entirely powered by solar energy and its chargeable batteries. The ES-S8A is entirely powered by solar energy and can run for up to 40 days without sunshine, thanks to the built-in backup battery.

    Additional Siren

    For Secual Security Systems

    The ES-S8A is solar-powered, it resists to rain and delivers up to 100 dB, which makes it the perfect accessory to increase the efficiency of your alarm system where you cannot pull a cable.

    …or Standalone System

    Connected to an eTIGER sensor

    Build a basic and efficient alarm system with zero cable. The only thing you need for that is to connect this ES-S8A to an eTIGER remote control and at least one sensor (door/window contact, motion sensor, etc.).


    • Can be used as:
    1. An additional siren, connected to an existing alarm system (eTIGER SECUAL alarms)
    2. A standalone alarm system (supports up to 20 accessories)
    • Radio-frequency: 433 MHz
    • Transmission distance: up to 80 m
    • Volume: 100 dB (at 1m, with fully charged battery)
    • Strobe light
    • Power supply: 1 solar panel (154.5 x 69.5 x 3.2mm), 5V / 60 mA
    • Current (alarm): < 200 mA
    • Current (standby): < 3 mA
    • Backup battery: 18650 3.7V 2200 mAh
    • Battery charging time: around 44h (depending on insolation)
    • Operating conditions: -10° C ~ 55° C, ≤ 80% humidity
    • Dimensions: 162 x 182 x 65 mm
    • Weight: 650 g
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    Problem solvers

    One of the motion detectors activates the external sirene without activating the control panel, how Can I make sure this doesn't happen.

    The detector is probably connected to the out side sirene as a "stand - alone" alarm.Preform a reset: 1. press the connection button for one second 2.the LED lights up: Press the arm button on the remote control. 3.press the disarm buttonon the remote control.4.Press and hold the connection button of the siren until you hear 3 beeps ( 7 seconds)All accessoiries or control panels have been deleted from the siren. then reconnect the sirene before the dectectors making sure none of them are in the detection field of the sirene and vice versa.

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