Home security made easy


... is priceless in todays world. Whether you're running from one meeting to the next, or are stuck in trafic on the way home, with the eTiger security systems you can always check up on your home. The system will also automatically notify you by phone call or text message if something happens at home.


Do you want to feel safe without breaking the bank ?

An eTIGER alarm has the performance of professional and more expensive systems, but avoids monthly subscription fees or maintenance cost.

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Easy installation
No monthly fees
Expand to your needs
24/7 Protection
Always be notified
Protects you and your home

Expand your system at your own pace

You can add up to 50 accessories to your basic set, there are dozens of accessories to choose from, each offering a solution to suit your personal needs.  And the best part? All accessories are compatible with all alarm systems, so you really can't go wrong...

Add one of the indoor or outdoor eTiger cameras, and keep an eye on your loved ones or your valuables from anywhere on the planet. See who is at the door by picking up the call from your video doorbell. Don't like your visitor?  No problem, with eTiger you can automatically lock your doors and turn off the lights… 

Total Home Security at your fingertips

GSM Alarm System

S3b SIM Secual

Landline / GSM Alarm System

S4 Combo Secual

Wi-Fi/ GSM Alarm system

Secual box

GSM Alarm System

GSM Alarm system

Protecting your home when you’re away has never been this easy

Protecting your home when you’re away has never been this easy with a wireless alarm system.

Stay in touch with your home at all times, since the entire alarm system can be controlled from a mobile app on your phone, anywhere you go.  

GSM alarm system

Thanks to the SIM card inside the control panel (sold separately), the S3b system informs you by phone call or text message in case of an event at your home, so that you can act accordingly. And you don't need to worry about costly monthly surveillance fees either

Landline / GSM Alarm System

Landline/ GSM alarm system

Landline & GSM alarm system

Protecting your home when you’re away has never been this easy with wireless alarm system. Stay in contact with your home at all time: the whole alarm system can be controlled from distance on your phone, wherever you are.

Monitor by phone call or SMS

Connected to your landline, the S4 control panel calls you in case of intrusion, so that you can act accordingly. That means no surveillance fee.

Add a SIM card in your control panel, and you will also receive SMS notifications in case of alarm, low battery of accessories or control panel, disarming of the system by tag (SIM card sold separately).

Wi-Fi/ GSM Alarm system

Wi-Fi/ GSM alarm system

Protect your home from distance, easily.

The Secual Box combines all the user-friendliness of a Wi-Fi connected alarm system, and the reliability of the communication by SMS and phone call. Control your alarm system from distance with the iOS and Android apps when you have an Internet connection, and receive a phone call or control the alarm by SMS when you don’t.

Wi-Fi & GSM alarm system

Connected to your home Wi-Fi network, you can control and set up the Secual Box on your smartphone via the Android and iOS apps, anywhere you are with an Internet connection on your smartphone. The Secual Box features a SIM card slot so that you can stay connected even where you don’t have an Internet connection or when your home Wi-Fi network is down. (SIM card required for communication by SMS)

Know who tagged in.

A handy feature for families with children are the RFID tags, you can give each child a unique tag which they can use to disarm the system without having to remember the code. As a parent, you will get a notification on your mobile phone when the tag is used. That's what we call peace of mind...

Always in touch with your home.

The eTiger systems offer an unprecedented level of  control, with the eTiger app you can connect to your system from virtually anywhere on the planet.

Customizable Home Security

Build an alarm system that fits any shape or size home. Expand your Ring of Security with extra pre-paired sensors that work seamlessly with your entire setup.

Expand your alarm

Are you also searching for a safe feeling ?

Choose an affordable solution for any home or apartment without breaking the bank.

Build your alarm system that fits any shape or any size home. Expand your security with extra sensors that work seamlessly with your entire setup.

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