Wireless smoke detector


ES-SVG-50x50-GENERAL -Wireless

Protect your family and your home. Connect the ES-D5B to your alarm system and receive an SMS alert when smoke is detected. You can save precious minutes in case of fire. The ES-D5B can also be used as a standalone system. The ES-D5B is EN-14604 certified and compatible with every Secual alarm system.


    Stay in touch

    Connected to your alarm system. And your phone.

    The ES-D5B connects to your eTIGER Secual alarm system. In case of detection, your control panel informs you by SMS. The detector can also be assigned to the 24h zone of your alarm system, so to remain active even when your system is disarmed.

    Wireless detector

    Powered by batteries

    The ES-D5B is powered by 2 AA batteries and connects to your alarm system through radio-frequency. It does not require a single wire to be installed.

    Easy to install
    always notified
    24/7 home protection

    Easy to install. Easy to set up.

    Secure wireless connection

    Thanks to its wireless connection, the ES-D5B is installed in a few minutes. No need to run cables across your house to connect the detector to your alarm system: the detector is securely connected by radio-frequency. Now all you need to do is mount it on your ceiling.



    • Dimensions : Ø120 x 35.5 mm
    • Antenna : Internal
    • Transmission distance : ≥100 m (in open area)
    • Frequency : 433 MHz
    • Volume : >85dB
    • Smoke sensibility : >0.09 ~ 0.16 dB/m
    • Heat sensibility : >54 ~ 70°C
    • Battery life : ≥1 year
    • Power supply : 2 x AA 1.5V batteries (included)
    • Certification : EN 14604-2005
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