Wi-FI & GSM alarm system


ES-SVG-50x50-GENERAL -Easy setup
ES-SVG-50x50-GENERAL -Accessories50
ES-SVG-50x50-GENERAL -Wireless

With this WiFi &GSM dual protection alarm, the S5 Secual alarm is an ideal system for home security. In the unfortunate event of a break-in or fire detection, The internal siren of the alarm will start sounding and  your system sends app push and SMS notifications to up to 5 pre-authorised users (when a SIM Card is inserted in the alarm panel). Afterwards the alarm will start calling you. When a regular-sized, compatible 2G SIM card is inserted, and your home WiFi network happens to be down, the smart hub also has a cellular connection* as back-up to send you SMS text messages and phone calls. In the case of a power outage the system will continue to protect your property and family for up to 8 hours on standby.


  • Easy connecion
  • GSM Frequency : 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz
  • Double Radio frequency for more security
  • Accessories supported : up to 10 remote control, 50 wireless accessories, 50 RFID tags
  • Phone numbers : 5 numbers for SMS notifications (including one for RFID tag notifications), 5 numbers for phone call alerts
  • Can be disarmed / siren can be deactivated by RFID tag
  • Notifications in case of alarm, battery empty or system status changes. 


  • Works with a Wi-Fi Connection
  • SIM card slot: stay connected even where you don’t have an internet connection or when your home Wi-Fi network is down
  • Radio frequency: 433 MHz + 868MHz
  • Transmission distance: 80m (in open space)
  • Arm / disarm the system by SMS, Wi-Fi/3G/4G, phone call, or application (on iOS or Android)
  • Supports up to 10 remote controls, 60 wireless accessories and 30 RFID tags with secure connection
  • Built-in siren (95dB) and call function from the panel
  • Can be disarmed / siren can be deactivated by RFID tag
  • Audio surveillance of the site from distance
  • Can store up to 5 phone numbers [notification by WiFI/3G/4G phonecall or  SMS]
  • Entry and exit delay
  • Alerts in case of power failure, power recovery, panel low battery, system status change and accessory low battery
  • AC Adaptor : input: AC 110-240V / 50-60 Hz output: DC 12V / 800 mA
  • Lithium battery: 7.4V / 600 mAh (Back-up 8h)
  • Dimensions: 205 x 135 x 28 mm | weight: 350 g
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