I cannot find the ID of the Secual V2 box

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You must  first connect to ESWIFI (the V2 box itself) before you request the identification of the device,if necessary, push the reconnect button and wait for aprox. 20 seconds, the id wil appear in the designated box ( in the app). 

Reset the ID completely

  1. Please check the APP is lasted version from the google play or apple store.
  2. Please reset the wifi settings before connect the alarm to APP, the method as below:
  • Power on the alarm and waiting for 10 seconds for start the WIFI part.
  • Long press the connection button(about 5 seconds) until hear 3 beeps, then release the button, now waiting for 10 seconds for  restart the WiFi of the alarm. 
  • Run the APP and reconnect the phone to ESWIFI, waiting the wifi connection is ready, then click the button to get the alarm ID.

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